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Pruning your trees is essential in maintaining the health of your tree.  When trees become overgrown, they can quickly become unsafe and dangerous.

Fruit and Nut trees need to be trimmed and pruned in order to continue bearing fruit year after year.

Let the proffessionals at Mike’s Tree Service get your tree back into the shape it should be in.

Air Blast Root Care

The roots of a tree are the source of life for the visible part of the tree we see with our eyes.

Good tree health begins underground with the trees intricate root system made up of hundreds of individual interlocking roots.

Mike’s Tree Service carefully clears a circle around the base of your tree to free the area from nutrient deprived soil and backfills the hole with mulch to help your tree get the nutrients and moisture it needs to maintain it’s health and visible appearance.

Mountain Lot Clean-Up

and Hauling

The fresh mountain air can be enjoyable and refreshing, but when it comes to brush clearing, tree removal and hauling, leave the hard work to the proffessional team at Mike’s Tree Service.

You’ll be enjoying the view, and the fresh mountain air sooner than expected with the quick and reliable service from Mike and his team.

Complete Tree Removal

When it comes to tree removal, the process can sometimes be daunting, and seem nearly impossible, but with Mike’s proffessional equipment and staff, dangerous and ugly trees can be removed in as little as a couple hours.

Don’t wait, call Mike Stand to recieve a free bid for any of your tree projects now!